Sunday, 3 June 2018

Black Soap

When I wrote my post about soap the other day Sandy mentioned that she had a bar made out of charcoal, olive oil and essential oils.  It reminded me of soap I was once gifted, I think from my brother, which was black and one of the most beautiful items of cosmetic loveliness that I've ever encountered. 

This post is more a reminder to myself. I've got all the cleaning products that I need at the moment and like to use stuff up before I buy replacements.  But there's shelves of black soap cleaning products in French supermarkets, like this example I snapped here in E Leclerc yesterday.  We were there mainly to stock  up on Breizh cola for Lou.  He likes a supply at home after the hols. We need more than usual for a sleepover next Saturday.  I got some French cheeses too as an offering for a shared work lunch this week.  They should go down rather nicely.

Perhaps it's a remnant of French colonial past as a little skirt around the Internet suggests that the soap may  have originated from Africa.  I'm puzzled that we don't have it in the United Kingdom given our historical propensity to pop our flag uninvited anywhere that took our fancy.   Anyway I'm  rather intrigued by these cleaning products which are produced from natural products.  I  may be sourcing some online once my own squirty cleaning potions have run out.  


  1. Here is a link to French soap in UK, you ight find what you want there: