Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Learning from a Silent Word

I am still very deaf. It's going to take a while I think.  The mechanics of hearing are broken in my left ear as the eardrum needs to heal before it can properly vibrate again.  The other ear still is intermittently bunged up.

Periods of deafness have been quite common for me, the consequences of colds and stand alone ear infections.  Water retention in pregnancy caused it too.  I've been completely without hearing at times.  The evening when I worked in the university bar when my world was completely silent was a bit of a laugh.  I experimented with lip reading but loads of people ended up with the wrong drinks.

Being of a perky disposition,  I treat periods of illness or temporary disability, both physical and mental,  as learning for general life and for my profession as an occupational therapist.  I think I'm better able to empathise as a consequence of of health hiccups.  Maybe that's been their purpose.  I wonder if I'm a more understanding person and therapist for them.


  1. Hope you get well soon. In your profession empathy is useful, sadly, not all medical people are able to empathize. Come to that, lots of people generally lack empathy. It is essential for understanding others and their experiences. Speedy recovery to you!

    1. People find it hard to accept that a person is going to act differently, and possibly be difficult, if they are ill. In my job I sometimes see the extremes. It helps me understand less acute illness too, including the behaviour of those close to me when unwell. xx

  2. I sympathise, it is a rotten thing to have to put up with; I hope the drum heals properly. xx

  3. It seems to be healing really well now. Normal service is nearly resumed. xx