Sunday, 24 June 2018

Quick Quiche

I made quiche yesterday for the first time in yonks, ever since I moved to this house at least.  I know that because I had to go out and buy a flan tin yesterday morning from the very wonderful hardware store in town.   Somewhere during my moves my own one had done a runner

My desire to cook quiche was sparked by a shared lunch that we had at work a few weeks ago.   Someone had brought a supermarket version.  I wasn't tempted.  It looked sad and shrunken.  Nothing like the lovely 'cheese flans' my mum used to make during my childhood.  The posh French name for them arrived at the end of the seventies.

I followed this recipe.  As usual when I say 'follow' I mean that I used it as a guideline rather than instructions that were set in stone.  Here's what I did differently.

  • The recipe calls for an egg yolk in the pastry mix.  Bollocks to the pfaffing.  I put the whole thing in.  It didn't seem to make any difference
  • I left the pastry case chilling in the fridge from morning to evening, far longer than the time that the recipe called for.
  • I cut up streaky bacon in the absence of lardons
  • I popped in a good handful of chopped parsley.
  • Instead of creme fraiche I used some double cream that was a leftover topped up by a newly bought pot of single cream.  I've no idea of the quantities.  I topped up the case until it was full.
  • No gruyere either.  Instead punchy cheddar , half of it in the eggy mixture and the other half as a topping.
And jolly nice it is too.  I've just had a sneaky slice for breakfast.  After all it is nearly bacon and egg!

What struck me was how quick and easy this was.    It's super easy to knock up the pastry in the food processor and roll it out in next to no time.  Then whilst the case is blind baking I fried the bacon bit and made the filling.   It'll be on the midweek supper repertoire from now on in various guises with different fillings that take my fancy.  Another good thing is that the leftovers are ideal lunchbox fodder. And next time, without the need to go out and buy new cooking equipment it'll really be rather inexpensive.


  1. Like you I hadn't made quiche ? For a while. What is a flan tin? I use 9" pie plates. Made two quiche this past week bacon and mushroom and sausage with fried onions. Nice anytime but a lifesaver if unexpected company show up and need feeding. I have enjoyed your blog for a while, thanks for being a good part of my day , Joyce

    1. Glad you're enjoying my posts. A flan tin is just a pie plate by another name! xx