Friday, 1 June 2018

The Valley of the Bad Scrabble Hand

There is a inland valley within spitting distance of the campground that comes recommended.  But in seven consecutive years of coming here I've never walked there.  Yesterday I rectified that.  Its name sounds like a bad scrabble hand.

See what I mean.  Actually I'm a bastard for the rules when it comes to Scrabble and would be the first to point out that Traouiero is not a valid selection in the great game.  It contains nine letters and you can only choose seven.  There!  I feel better now.

This was my second attempt to visit.  I cycled out the other day and was a bit miffed that bikes aren't allowed down the valley.   But then on my walk  I had to squeeze through lots of obstacles like these branches....

And this.  Okay the bloke that banned the bike might have had a point and wasn't just being a jobs

It's a magical place, a micro climate around here where the countryside tends to be more like heathland.  This is a quiet spot, lost in time.  Here be dragons!

Told you!

I found some amazing fungi that had glued itself to a tree...

And beautiful gloves for foxes.

A tombstone had been 'upcycled' to use as a bridge.  That puzzled me.  After all these aren't usually objects that are repurposed.  Perhaps the chap who made it spotted a spelling mistake and had to start over.

More of that verdant beauty.  In the whole time there I didn't see a soul.... until I was about ten steps away from the entrance during my climb out and then I encountered a dog walking couple.

I spotted this on my way home.  Now I don't normally like mosaics made from shells but I thought that this was charming. 


  1. It looks very lush.

  2. I'd like to know the back story of that tombstone...I agree, it seems odd to repurpose a tombstone like that. The Valley looks gorgeous, if a little spooky!

    1. No it wasn't spooky although I thought it might be. Just calm. xx

  3. Tranquility and mindful photography. I feel calmer just reading about your walk. Catriona

  4. I like the shell mosaic, it is better that the average ones we see.

    1. Yes I thought that it was a cut above the usual. Might try something similar at hom. xx

  5. Lovely.We love France.Off there in three weeks.Can't wait!