Saturday, 7 July 2018

Any Excuse for a Hare

I'm having a bit of a health overhaul poor old crock that I am. There's some fillings to be replaced.  That happens at the end of the month.  I've just had my feet assessed at Foot Solutions in Plymouth for some new insoles.  An expensive old business, £243 for the pair and that includes a returning customer discount but worth it in terms of preventing pain when walking and running.  Looking back I see that my last lot were made in 2003. Spreading the cost it works out about the same as a pair of new shoes each year.  And then there's the eyes.  New glasses are on their way but there's another twist to that story.   I'll kiss and tell when I know more.  Let's just say that you lot were right when you emphasised that regular check ups were a a good idea.

I thought I'd see if I needed my hearing check.  After all there's still a bit of ringing there since my eardrum burst a few weeks ago.  And a fair few of my fifty something friends are needing hearing aids these days.  So I popped over to the NHS's website for advice about hearing tests.  They direct you to a pre-screening tool that you can do on your computer or phone in the comfort of your own home.  I thought it might be useful to share.

There's good news.  Whilst it seems that my teeth, eyes and feet need attention my hearing doesn't need looking at.  It's not as sharp as a pin by any means but it'll do. 


  1. Oh my goodness, it’s going to be an expensive month. Glad you are taking care of yourself. My daughter also wears the shoe inserts and also has very expensive glasses due to fairly poor eyesight. She also has to add osteopathy to that for her shoulder and back. Glad about the hearing-I’m always deafish if I have the cold as my right perforation didn’t heal as well as the left. Keep swimming!

    1. Luckily Mum and Dad gave me some money as a present. I'm using it on my health overhaul. xx