Saturday, 14 July 2018


I tweeted about hidden disability as my other online persona the other day and thought it was worth a mention here too.  Not everyone who is challenged in life is easily identifiable.  You never know when another member of the human race might be struggling.

'She's talking about mental illness.' you might be saying to youself.  Well yes, but there's more to it than that.  That person who looks perfectly okay that's nipping into a disabled loo might have continence problems.   Another perky looking soul sitting in the disabled seat of the bus might have chronic pain or fatigue.  I argued that maybe there should be a universally recognised symbol that reminds us of this.

But that's not it.  Someone who's been rude or inconsiderate may just be another normal human being who's having a really bad time and not behaving as they normally would.    I see extremes of this in mental health but we all have our moments.  So let's be kind and cut each other some slack.


  1. That's true. None of us know what someone else is suffering or having to live with.

  2. I was once challenged by a woman about my using the disabled loo. I told her " I have IBS, for me that is disabling". Cheeky mare!

    1. That's the type of thing I'm on about. xx

  3. There's so much truth in that, thank you. xx

  4. Patience and consideration are words that have been lost somewhere I think....sadly