Monday, 9 July 2018

My A to Z of England: In Twenty Six-ish Short Sentences

I am English and proud of it. Except when I'm not. Historically our country has been responsible for some shockers. But then is then any nation that is squeaky clean in terms of its record towards its citizens, other people on the planet and the environment? Our flag is sometimes seen as a negative symbol. Let those of us who love what is good about our teeny island nation reclaim it.
To celebrate the fact that my mostly beautiful country has got to the semi finals of the World Cup for the first time in more than a quarter of a century I am writing a sentence or two about the memories that I have of this part of the British Isles.
Aldeburgh: Here lies the spot where my brother put starfish down my back on a family holiday.
Bristol; My favourite English city. Such a chilled place. I'm lucky that Red Mel lives there.
Canvey Island: A boyfriend had an apartment on the seafront. Sounds idyllic until you remember that this island off the Essex coast was flooded in the fifties and now boasts massive marine defences.
Derby: The city where I started my never completed Masters degree.
Exmouth: The site of my annual New Year meet up with friends past and present.
Farncombe: I volunteered in this Surrey village before I went to university in a community that included nuns. Really!
Gidea Park: A suburb of Romford where my grandparents owned the Wavy Line store in the seventies.
Hereford: There is a gargoyle of my dad carved on the cathedral by my brother here.
Ipswich: My church took me to a Billy Graham rally here. I snuck off and went on a pub crawl instead!
Jacobstow: I met my ex husband at a wedding in this wee Devon village
Kings Lynn: A childhood home that I remember scantlly. I spent most of my time there chatting to a big friendly Alsatian.
Lyme Regis: My fossil hunting stop off on the Jurassic Coast
Maldon: An estuary town in Essex. I have fond memories of Promenade Park that I used to visit as a child.
Newcastle: Probably the place where I had the best night out ever.
Ottery St Mary: Barrel burning capital of the world
Plymouth: The scene of many a memorable night out and where I first worked as an occupational therapist.
Queensway: A London haunt where I used to ice skate as a teenager.
Ross on Wye: A gateway to the Forest of Dean - English woodland at its best.
Southend-on-Sea: My childhood home. The site of the longest pleasure pier in the world and where I developed my taste for cockles.
Totnes: Hippie central: Where I've worked for the last thirteen years gazing out onto the keep of a medieval castle.
Upminster: The location of my sixth form college in a school founded by men who made barrels for beer.
Vange: V was a hard one. This is a suburb of the Essex town of Basildon. I believe that I roamed there on a Guide and Scout night hike in the eighties.
Westward Ho!: My Nan and Grandad took me on my first holiday here. I remember little except that there were Noddy charity boxes. His bell rang when money was inserted.
eXeter: People always have to cheat when it comes to the letter X. This lovely city was the place where I first escaped to the West Country. I marvelled here at the countryside views from the middle of the High Street.
York: Site of school trip and sleeping three in a bed in an old nunnery because we were scared of ghostly goings on.
Zennor: I always remember a trip here with my university friends. The cliff are awesome/


  1. Great memories...but where's G? ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Ooh, Wavy Line stores, now there's a blast from the past.

  3. Good list, you've certainly been to many parts of England.

    1. Yes but not oop North nearly enough. Might have to rectify that! xx

  4. What a wonderful memory list! Loved reading it and your associated experiences!
    Margaret P

  5. A great list. I have to say the woodlands at the Forest of Dean are magical and wonderful.

    1. Yes it was the first place we went when we got Klaus the Knaus. xx

  6. I lived on Canvey Island for a short while and the sea defences are quite ugly

  7. Great list. Promenade Park in Maldon, ooh that brings back memories. I was gutted to find out they'd filled in the swimming pool!

    1. Me too! I used to spend hours in there. xx