Thursday, 9 August 2018

Guggenheim: The Silly Post

We stopped at a museum cafe yesterday  and I made a phone call to Mr Metrosexual and Ruff gloat.  'Guess where I am?' I asked them.  They offered no suggestions so I told them I was INSIDE the Guggenheim.  'Bastard!' was the cry from both of them when I talked to them separately.  They'd made a special pilgrimage on a visit to New York only to find it's shut on a Thursday.  They had to content themselves with admiring the outside of this iconic Frank Lloyd Wright building.

I'm going to do two posts about our visit because it's my blog and I can!  Let's have the silly one first.  There's an exhibit on at the moment called One Hand Clapping.  The blurb says that five artists are exploring how globalisation affects our future.  Really?!  Lounging carrots anyone.

Lou stood in line for a wee while for a VR experience and was pretty disappointed.  Apparently he saw a bouncing ball.

Those things on the floor?  Hundreds of wind up chattering teeth.  Just before I took the shot a wee boy was engrossed with setting as many off as possible.

In the main spiral there's an exhibit showcasing the work of the Swiss artist Giacometti.  The pieces are set off beautifully by the building's light and structure.  This is tiny though.  My picture has blown it up.  A fifty something with fading eyesight could barely see that this was a little man.

I liked 'The Nose' a bigger piece.  In a world of touchy feeliness I would have set it swinging  You can't do that in an art gallery.  You'd get told off.  Louis had already been reprimanded for stepping over a line and getting to near what looked like a warehouse pallet stacked with shrink wrapped boxes.  I'd been cautioned for putting my camera over the edge of the building's spiral to get this shot.

Little did the woman know that I was contemplating leaning limbo style to get a selfie!

Lastly I'll leave you with a conundrum.  What do you think that this is called?  I'll tell you tomorrow when I post part 2.  You'll never guess!


  1. Your mystery item looks like some instrument of torture. It probably isn't but it looks very scary!

  2. It looks a bit like a cross between a scorpion and a dragon.

  3. See Louis likes his hat! Looks like you enjoyed your visit and I love modern architectural spaces due to the wonderful light.