Wednesday, 15 August 2018

US Mad Wall

When The Second Martha Stewart came to visit me in Brixham she fell in love with my 'Mad Wall'.  'You'll have to make me one when you come and stay.' she said.    So she's been gathering bits and pieces together and presented me with this lot...and some.   My contribution was one of my octopus prints.   So I've been creating Mad Wall US of A.  Or that might have to be Crazy Wall as mad means angry here.  And that will not do.

What's on it?  Well there's stuff made at school by her now grown up son.  I'm especially pleased with the crucifix made with pegs complete with Jesus and a smiley pottery bowl.   There's stuff from family holidays in Australia where relatives live,  a portrait of Frankie a dearly departed pet, a tapestry by Martha's mother in law, an advert from her grandfather's company for Wonderbread and a tin commemorating the coronation of Edward VIII. 'Of course it's a mad wall.' said Louis.  'It's got a kangaroo scrotum on it for goodness sake!'   And so it has.

Mr. The Second Martha Stewart isn't so pleased.  He's a very traditional Englishman,   He arrived back from Europe very jetlagged on Sunday and didn't seem to notice what I was in the process of  creating in the family room.  He was much more awake when he went to work on Monday and took in all its marvellousness.  'This is utter insanity!' he texted Martha  on Monday.  She's standing her ground and is really pleased with how I've managed to funk up her traditional decor.    Let's hope Mr.  TSMS will come around.


  1. I love your mad wall and the new one you have just created. It interesting. I would love to create one in my home too.

  2. What a hoot! He'll come around to it eventually.