Thursday, 14 June 2018

A Quick Check In So Mum and Dad Don't Worry!

Salty Dog and I are in Cornwall in Klaus the Knaus, my trusty motorhome!  Now that I have a  teeny ' extra weekend' with Wednesdays off in the middle of the week just taking a couple more days leave gives me scope for a sizeable mini break. I'll be doing some more of those I think.  Wifi reception is awful at the campsite though.  So I'll do little posts on my phone, like this one.  Then when we're back in the modern world on Sunday I'll tell you what we've been up too.  It'll all very exciting already!


  1. Good for you, Julie. We are off round Scotland tomorrow for 14 days or maybe more-who knows!

    1. Hope Scotland treats you well - and is midge free! xx